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Over the last several decades, the IBM Power System has set the standard for reliability when it comes to running critical applications. In recent years however, the industry has seen some dramatic shifts in the overall computing landscape. Cloud provider services have grown exponentially, expectations that applications are delivered in both web and mobile environments have become the norm, and a new generation of designers and developers are entering the industry with new skill sets based in more prevalent open source technologies. This creates major challenges for Power Systems shops without the right resources that wish to modernize their applications.

Business Intelligence

The goal of any good information system is to provide, quick, accurate, and valuable information by which to run your business. 

This was a straightforward request when all the data was housed in a single application on your IBM Power System.  Today however, the requirement to combine and enrich data from various sources is becoming more important to daily business operations.

Not only do you need to craft insightful views of your information, but you need to bring together multiple data sources, and deliver those insights to web or mobile interfaces.

Converged unifies those siloed data sources through the development of APIs for data interoperability.  Then, with that enriched data set, we deliver meaningful insights to you on your favorite browser or mobile device.

Key Elements
Leverage the power of the IBM Power System through Application Modernization

APIs and Data Interoperability

With the growth in cloud services and the move towards decentralized application development, IBM Power System shops often need new skill sets to bring together information from multiple data sources. 

The creation of APIs allows businesses to leverage previously siloed data sources to create insightful new applications and views. 

Whether the data resides on your IBM Power System, it exists in house in another database, or it exists somewhere in the cloud, Converged has the skill set to bring this data together for your applications.

Application Modernization

With each passing day, the requirement to access your application data from the web or mobile platforms increases. 

As new developers enter the workforce and senior developers leave it, a critical shift is taking place. New developers are being armed with skill sets that are geared more towards the development of web applications and microservices than traditional monolithic RPG or COBOL applications. 

This places the continued support and growth of your applications in a precarious position unless you can embrace this new paradigm. 

Converged leverages the power of the IBM Power System to provide unparalleled reliability in transactional processing, with new web technologies to deliver the information that is important to you in a format that works for you.

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