Advanced Billing

The Advanced Billing application allows Retail Energy Providers to bill their electric and natural gas customers accurately and quickly. With our extensive library of price calculations, billing customers with simple and complex pricing products is a snap. Whether you are doing Rate-Ready, Bill-Ready, Dual billed, Supplier Consolidated, or Portfolio invoicing, we have you covered.

Accurate and Efficient Billing
Billing that works the way you work.


The Advanced Billing application provides Retail Energy Providers the ability to bill their electric and natural gas customers accurately and quickly. Intuitively defined EDI Queues allow users to manage all transaction processing in an efficient and orderly manner.


Easy-to-use wizards and batch import processes are provided for the creation of EDI Enrollments, Rate Changes, Drops, Move In/Move Outs, and Requests for Historical usage. Each EDI transaction between the supplier and the utility is permanently retained in our system. We provide users the ability to dig into each transaction if you ever need to.

Billing Dashboard

Price Calculations

With our extensive library of price calculations, billing customers with simple or complex pricing products is a snap.  Our system can even create new products that specifically meet your billing requirements.  In addition, we provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box set of calculations for Bill-Ready and Dual billed customers such as:

  • Fixed rates,
  • Variable rates based on current market rates,
  • Block and float style contracts,
  • Cost to cover contracts,
  • Ground-up cost + margin calculations for many markets,

Our system automatically retrieves many of the required billing determinants such as market LMPs and Utility-specific supply charges, saving you time each day.

Reporting and Analysis 

Billing systems require a massive amount of data.  To help users and managers make efficient use of their time, we offer a full suite of reporting and analysis tools.  In addition to the tools we offer, we can develop custom reports and dashboards if we don’t have exactly what you need.  Some of our most popular reporting categories include:

  • Accounts Receivables and Unbilled Revenue reporting,
  • Sales tax reporting,
  • Expiring Contracts analysis,
  • Enrollment/Drop analysis,
  • Billing anomaly identification,
  • Sales analysis reporting
Bill where you want and how you want.

Multi-Market Support

We offer support for many Electric utilities across NYISO, PJM, ISO-NE, ERCOT, and MISO. Additionally, we offer support for many Natural Gas utilities across North America. Support also extends to many Natural Gas utilities that don’t even offer EDI integration.

Billing Methods

Our flexible billing system allows you to serve customers using the billing method you want. Whether you wish to do Rate-Ready, Bill-Ready, Supplier Consolidated, Dual billed, or Dual billed Portfolio invoices, we have you covered. For the distribution of Dual invoices, you can choose to E-Mail, send it through our direct mailing service integration, or simply print and mail the invoice yourself.

Fully Integrated

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