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Success in business depends on your ability to balance opportunity and risk. No one understands this better than a Risk Manager. As we know, energy markets can be unforgiving and unpredictable. Couple that with an ever-changing landscape due to environmental and regulatory changes as well as the growth and consolidation of competitors, and it can require a complex formula for success for any retail supplier.

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Support for Risk Managers

There is a delicate balancing act between these factors that needs to occur on a constant basis to remain profitable and avoid unforeseen credit calls. 

A Risk Manager needs to have a strong grasp of:

  • The composition of your customer book - its size, the type types of customers that comprise it, granular forecasted load, sales initiatives, and market factors that may impact future enrollments and drops, etc.
  • Your costs – Energy-related costs, hedge value / mark-to-market, operational costs, etc.
  • The tools you utilize to execute your risk management strategy - hedging techniques, hedge positions, available credit, etc.

Converged is here to support and inform your strategies to help realize the most profitability for your supply business. 

We offer a suite of products that are specifically designed to assist Risk Managers on an hour-to hour basis.

Risk Management
Risk Management Suite of Products
The most robust suite of tools for retail suppliers


  • Visualize your Mark-to-Market and Exposure Tracking.
  • Simple Deal Capture.
  • Intuitive Position Management.

Forecasting & Scheduling

  • Scheduling, fully integrated with our Load Forecasting and ETRM products.
  • Built in MAPE and Error Analysis.
  • Forecasted Weather to improve accuracy.

Pricing Desk

  • Versatile multi-market, multi-commodity pricing.
  • Work-flow management.
  • Automated custom pricing using precise cost build ups.
  • Matrix/rack pricing.
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