Sales Management

Our Energy Sales Management application enables Retail Energy Providers to manage the full life cycle of their prospects and customers. Our robust prospecting technology gives sales managers the tools to build and maintain quality sales pipelines. By providing up to the minute information about your sales and customer care functions, managers can plan, predict, and solve problems quicker while at the same time, increase sales.

Managed Focus

The Converged sales prospecting database delivers intuitive tools for both managers and salespeople that help them focus their efforts on precisely defined sales plans.  Attributes such as market, campaign, prospect type, prospect size, last activity, geographical location, and many more can help to better profile your leads.  Our quick sorting and filtering techniques let you use those demographics to create targeted actionable lists for your team.

Sales Funnel

Full Life Cycle

Our suite of sales tools can be effective by themselves, but the seamless integration with our Billing, CIS, and Pricing Desk applications provides a single place to store the variety of interactions you have with your customers.  Every interaction, communication, and document of any kind can be saved with that prospect and is directly accessible even after they become a customer. 

Integration with our Billing and CIS applications allows for better informed discussions with customers which can be critical when looking to either win back or renew those accounts.  Access to full billing, usage, and communication history (calls, e-mails, direct mailings, electronically signed contracts, etc.) will prepare your team to make every contact a well-informed discussion.

The integration with our Pricing Desk makes the creation of branded, signature-ready proposals a matter of a few simple clicks.  The proposals can be based on periodically calculated rack rates or custom priced proposals based on the prospect’s history and forecasted profile.  You can choose to either print or mail a hard copy document or send the proposal out for electronic signature via our DocuSign API integration.

Tools for your Sales Team

As it is often said, time is money.  One of the goals we set out to accomplish was to provide your team with a toolset that removes as much wasted effort as possible for your salespeople.  By streamlining the interface and providing the ability to work off precisely targeted call lists, time previously spent organizing and searching for information has been redirected towards positive customer interactions and closing deals.

A salesperson-specific dashboard provides your sales team with critical performance metrics to keep them focusing their efforts on what is important to your business.  The dashboard allows click-through navigation to information such as:

  • Manager and personally assigned WIP lists,
  • Upcoming scheduled activities,
  • Expiring contracts coming up for renewal,
  • Open proposals waiting to close,
  • Close rate,
  • and more

Tools to manage your team

For a sales team to be truly effective, they need to be organized, focused, and efficient.  From the creation of leads through the managing of signatures on contracts, we help you realize those goals and close more deals.

When it comes to adding leads to your database, we offer a few solutions.  Managers can use a simple import feature to bulk-ingest leads or they can utilize our Enhanced Eligibility list query tool in markets where available.  To help you better pinpoint your targets, we enrich our Enhanced Eligibility lists with meaningful profiling information that standard eligibility lists do not offer. Once leads have been created, the sales manager can easily filter, sort, assign, and redistribute leads as necessary to individual salespeople’s WIP list.

In addition to team wide KPIs, managers can review detailed metrics by salesperson.  Knowing immediately, metrics such as the size of a salesperson’s portfolio, their close ratio, and how many proposals they have recently generated, can help you identify who is truly performing. 

Performance Based Metrics

The Sales Manager dashboard offers an up-to-the second view of critical performance metrics for your sales team. 

The dashboard allows click-through navigation to information such as:

  • What type of activities your sales team is taking and what responses they are getting,
  • How many activities result in contact with decision makers,
  • How many open leads does each salesperson have,
  • Activity trends over time,
  • Up-coming scheduled activities by salesperson,
  • Open proposals waiting to close,
  • Expiring contracts coming up for renewal,
  • Analysis of enrollments by salesperson,
  • Analysis of proposals generated by salesperson,
  • and more

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