Pricing Desk

Our Pricing Desk app enables Retail Energy Providers the ability to quickly and accurately price electric and natural gas accounts. The role-based app provides any-where-access for salespeople and brokers to quickly price accounts while in the field. In most cases, the app automatically gathers account and usage information and prices the opportunity. Depending on your work flow, the app can distribute the price and contract details to the requester or wait for the Pricing Desk Administrator to approve the price and then distribute.

Target Price

Risk and Sales

Any well-run Retail Energy Provider utilizes a proven and reliable pricing solution to ensure that they are accurately pricing their deals. 

Our Pricing Desk app address two core issues.

  • Allow Risk and Pricing Analysts the ability to build products that accurately determine the future COGS and desired margin for any account that is priced.
  • Enable salespeople and brokers to quickly price deals and receive all contracts and offer sheets to close the deal.

Too often, Retail Energy Providers rely on in-house built spreadsheets for pricing.  While these spreadsheets may have worked properly when they were first built and conceived, in many cases errors get accidentally introducted into the spreadheet.  Sometimes these errors are not identified for months if they are even found at all.

Our Pricing Desk application transitions your organization from spreadsheet to enterprise-class.

Risk Management
Pricing Done Right


Support for Electric utilities across NYISO, PJM, ISO-NE, ERCOT, and MISO.  Additionally, we offer support for many Natural Gas utilities across North America.

Our forward curves are updated multiple times a day, or utilize your own curves, either way, deals are priced systematically with the "Best" data available.


Hundreds of different pre-built components can be used to define your Market/Utility specific products. A sample list of some common components are:  Energy and Losses, Capacity, NITS, Ancillary, POR, GRT, RPS, Commission, Margin, Risk Premium and many more.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas pricing methodologies can differ greatly between LDCs.  Our Pricing Desk app allows us to build products that exactly match the way you want to price your customers.  A sample list of some common components are: Natural Gas, Basis, Storage, Transportation, Losses, POR, GRT, Commission, Margin ,Risk Premium and many more.

Work-Flow Management

Every Retail Energy Provider has a unique process by which they receive pricing requests, price deals, adjust margin and commission and finally approve pricing before distribution.

Converged Energy's Pricing Desk allows you to customize the process in the app to match your internal process as desired.


Pricing Desk Workflow
More Deals, Faster


EDI Historical Requests can take up to 24-48 hours to receive an account data and usage. Utilizing web automation tools, Converged Energy call pull account information within minutes of the pricing request in most cases. New price requests and refreshed can be done in minutes not days. 

Custom Pricing

A Price Request can contain one account or a portfolio of accounts.  

For each custom price request the system will calculate pricing for each product selected and generate REP specific contracts and offer sheets.  The generated documents can be automatically emailed to the salesperson or broker.  Additionally, contracts can be sent via DocuSign to the customer for electronic signature.

Matrix / Rack

If you provide your salespeople and brokers with a weekly or daily Matrix Rate, the platform will automatically calculate daily or weekly pricing by Market/Utility/Zone/Product and Start Date.  The Matrix can then be automatically distributed to your sales force.

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