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Running a Retail Electric Provider requires leaders to have meaningful metrics about their Risk Management, Finance, Sales and Customer Service teams and performance. Converged Energy's CEO Solution brings all this critical information to your desktop. Providing real-time insights into the performance of your organization.

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For Running a REP

Forward Margin

Will your business be profitable in the future? Are there any accounts that are underwater?  The answer to these questions will drive many of your organization's actions.

If forward profitability of the organization is positive, then the next step will be to drill down and identify any Utilities, Zones or Accounts that are not profitable and address them.

Accurate valuations require the ability to bring together large amounts of detailed information, from multiple sources:

  • Account, Contract and Meter Readings
  • Accurate Long-Term Forecasting
  • Forward Price Curves
  • Complex Cost to Serve engine that deals with the details of each Market and Utility.


Review detailed metrics by salesperson.  Knowing immediately, metrics such as the size of a salesperson’s portfolio, their close ratio, and how many proposals they have recently generated, can help you identify who is truly performing. 

Broker Statistics
Metrics that drive your business


  • Sales by Utility and Channel
  • Winbacks
  • Drops
  • Deals Priced

Risk Management

  • Load and Position Reporting
  • Counterparty Exposure
  • Forward Margin


  • Account Receivable
  • UR - Unbilled Revenue
  • Cash Flow
  • Forward P&L

Customer Service

  • Calls
  • Complaints
  • Drops
  • Winback 
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