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Every Sales Manager is striving to continually close new business for the retail supplier. With fierce competition, ever growing compliance requirements, and a sales team that can be scattered in the market or working remotely, this can be a tremendous challenge.

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Sales Funnel

Support for Sales Managers

  • Tools to help you focus your team on specific targets and monitor their progress and success rates up to the second.
  • A streamlined user interface for your sales team that provides critical account profile information and offers.
  • Help you stay compliant with business and legal support through detailed action logging, digital storage of all customer documents, automated compliance mailings, enforcement of business policies, and more.
  • Accurate and timely commission calculations for you salespeople and brokers.

Converged will help you streamline sales activities to help maximize effectiveness and profitability.

We offer the following suite of products that are specifically with a Sales Manager's needs in mind.


Sales Manager suite of Products
A powerful suite of tools for retail suppliers

Sales Management

  • Streamlined Inside salesperson portal
  • Insightful Sales Manager portal
  • Meaningful KPIs

Pricing Desk

  • Versitile multi-market, multi-commodity pricing.
  • Work-flow management.
  • Automated custom pricing using precise cost build ups.
  • Matrix/rack pricing.
  • Powerful Broker portal
  • Quick and accurate commission reporting
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