Our ETRM app has been optimized for use by electric and natural gas Retail Energy Providers. Deal Capture is quick and easy. Load and Position metrics are updated automatically after every Forecast refresh, new Deal Capture or a new account is won in our Pricing Desk app. Mark-to-Market is automatically updated every time new market and forward data is available.

Built for Retail Energy
Mark-to-Market and Exposure Tracking

Understanding your current Mark-to-Market and potential exposure with Counterparties is vital, especially during high priced periods. Converged Energy automatically keeps your M2M and Exposure up to date. Use our included forward curves or bring your own curves, either way your Mark-to-Market and Exposure are updated immediately after each forward curves refresh.

Deal Capture

Deal Capture was designed to be quick and easy.  Users can enter trades directly into the system with our Page Wizard, that walks the user through the required fields, ensuring proper data entry.  Additionally, use can use an Excel based import template to enter deals and import them into the system.

  • Electric, Natural Gas and RPS
  • Buy/Sell
  • Financial and Physical
  • Blocks or Custom Shapes

Position Management.

If your organization is required to purchase a certain percentage of your load requirements with financial or physical hedges, we have you covered.


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Converged Energy

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