Customer Information System

Our Customer Information app is an ideal tool for Retail Energy Providers to manage the full life cycle of their deregulated customers. The app is integrated with any third-party EDI provider to automatically keep your customer information up-to-date and accurate.

Data Hub of the Platform


At the heart or hub of Converged Energy's platform is the Customer Information System.  All Accounts, Contracts, Meter Readings and associated data is stored in the CIS.  Converged Energy's CIS is a proven platform to store your customer data.

Accurate Data


Utilize your preferred EDI provider to send and receive 248, 814, 867, 810, 820, 824 and more.  All data is checked for accuracy before posting into the CIS, ensuring accurate data. 

Third-Party Billing Systems

Already have an EDI/Billing vendor?  No problem.  Converged Energy has integrations with many of the leading vendors, allowing easy and reliable data transfer.

Thoughtfully Integrated

A reliable, well-built Customer Information System is essential, but an integrated Customer Information System with a host of other advanced modules gives retail Energy Providers a competitive advantage.

CIS is integrated with:

  • Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Advanced Billing
  • ETRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Pricing Desk
  • Enrollments
  • Sales
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Built for Retail Energy

Accounts & Meters

There are hundreds of attributes saved in the system including: Utility and Account Number, Service and Billing Addresses, Capacity and NITS Tags, Load Profiles and Services Classes, Loss Class and much more.


With our extensive library of price calculations, accounts with simple or complex contracts is a snap. Our system can create new products that specifically meet your requirements. In addition, we provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box set of calculations for Bill-Ready and Dual billed accounts.

Meter Readings

All historical and normal meter readings are stored.  Additionally, all electric usage is broken down into hourly buckets, utilizing load profiles or interval data, making analysis of usage data easy.

Customer Service

Customer Service representatives utilize our CIS to quickly find customer information and resolve incoming customer calls.

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