Forecasting & Scheduling

Reliably and accurately forecast future short- and long-term electric and natural gas load requirements. Automatically refreshing of forecasts occur every night utilizing updated customer (add, drops, contract) data, meter readings, weather, and other data. Hourly forecasts are generated by meter, allowing granular and aggregated views. Additionally, daily expected costs by meter can be calculated and refreshed with every forecast. Understand your forward energy requirements by market, zone, utility, month, and block.

Refreshed Daily


The Forecasting App automatically calculates bottom-up, meter-level hourly and daily forecasts. To accomplish this, the app utilizes meter readings, load profiles, interval data and forecasted & average weather to deliver meter level short-term and long-term forecasts.

Modules work together


The ETRM app utilizes the long-term forecasts to accurately predict future load requirements for position reporting.

Portfolio Valuation

The Portfolio Valuation app utilizes each accounts long-term forecast to identify forward month energy requirements.


Scheduling is fully integrated with our Load Forecasting and ETRM modules to dynamically adjust schedules based on up-to-date load requirements and Physical and Financial trades. Additionally, once short-term schedules are created, they can be automatically submitted to the ISO/RTO.

Schedules are instantly confirmed as they are submitted.

Built-in MAPE and Error Analysis.

Converged Energy automatically downloads ISO/RTO actuals to provide up to date MAPE calculation and analysis at the market and zonal levels.

Forecasted Weather at a Glance. 

Forecasted weather is automatically updated through-out the day, giving you insights to the locations that matter to your organization. Easily identify weather trends over the next week.

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