Portfolio Valuation

The Portfolio Valuation app automatically values your electric and natural gas portfolio daily. Providing timely metrics into the value and profitability of your book of customers.

Account Level
Profitability Analysis

Forward Margin

Will your business be profitable in the future? Are there any accounts that are underwater?  The answer to these questions will drive many of your organization's actions.

If forward profitability of the organization is positive, then the next step will be to drill down and identify any Utilities, Zones or Accounts that are not profitable and address them.

Accurate valuations require the ability to bring together large amounts of detailed information, from multiple sources:

  • Account, Contract and Meter Readings
  • Accurate Long-Term Forecasting
  • Forward Price Curves
  • Complex Cost to Serve engine that deals with the details of each Market and Utility.


Cost of Goods 
Built in Engine


Support for Electric utilities across NYISO, PJM, ISO-NE, ERCOT, and MISO. Additionally, we offer support for many Natural Gas utilities across North America.   Our forward curves are updated multiple times a day, or utilize your own curves, either way, accounts are valued systematically with the "Best" data available.


Hundreds of different pre-built components can be used to define your Market/Utility specific products. A sample list of some common components are: Energy and Losses, Capacity, NITS, Ancillary, POR, GRT, RPS, Commission, Margin, Risk Premium and many more.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas pricing methodologies can differ greatly between LDCs.  A sample list of some common components are: Natural Gas, Basis, Storage, Transportation, Losses, POR, GRT, Commission, Margin, Risk Premium and many more.


Contracted Portfolio Valuations are automatically calculated everyday utilizing the most up to date forward curves.   No matter how often forward profitability is analyzed, 

Our valuations allow:

  • Commodity
  • Market
  • Zone
  • Utility
  • Account

All contracted accounts  are valued by month through the end of each account's contract end date.  Then any hedged quantities and associated M2M are layered in at the account level by month.

From here you can look at the whole book's profitability by month, or by commodity, market, zone and even 


Simple Setup
Ready to Go


If your organization utilizes Converged Energy as their Billing vendor, then all account, contract and meter data is setup and ready for Portfolio Valuation.

Third-Party Billing Systems

Already have an EDI/Billing vendor, no problem. Converged Energy has integrations with many of the leading vendors, allowing easy and reliable data transfer.

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